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Gift Items

Figurines, statues, wind chimes, decorative wall hangings, African masks, buddhas, gargoyles, lava lamps, very cool dragon lamps, Liquid Blue Bean Bears (Grateful Dead type), gods and goddesses and can find it all at Daystar Boutique.  Looking for that special something for that special someone?  Check out the Windstone Collection!  We carry the entire line.  Ask for one of our brochures to see the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

Bean Bears

Carry a good selection of Liquid Blue Bean Bears.  Designs revolve around Grateful Dead themes.  Bears are all 7" in size.  These make excellent gifts for all ages!



Windstone Collection

Windstone Dragon Collection

Featured above is a big chunk of the Windstone Dragon Collection!

At the heart of every piece created by master sculptor, M. Pena is the artist's passion for living creatures. This passion, coupled with a lifelong study of animal behavior and anatomy, and an astonishing gift for three-dimensional art, results in sculpture so intriguing and lifelike it is without equal.

Daystar Boutique carries the entire collection of Dragons, Oriental Dragons, Gargoyles, Castles, Winged Beasts, Unicorns, Mermaids, Wall Sconces, Bookends, Candle Lamps and Stone Kittens.  Stop in to see this magnificent artwork.

Lava Lamps

Large selection of unique and trendy lava lamps.  Retro any room in your house with one of these lamps from our shelves.

Wind Chimes


We carry a large selection of wind chimes made from wood, metal and ceramics.  See our selection, which is updated regularly, to add relaxing sounds from the wind to your patio, kitchen, or deck.

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Used CD's
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Full line of In Gauge Body Jewelry.  New items received weekly!

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Wide variety of incense and oil burners.  New stock received weekly!
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