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Candles & Candle Holders

Must see selection of candles and candle holders.  Listed below is a sampling of the brands and types of candles and holders we carry.  Find on our shelves tapers, mini candles, votives, pillars, jars and a large assortment of two tone and decorative candles in a whole host of scents.  Large offering of candleholders including decorative holders for tapers, minis, votives, tea candles and more.  We carry the following brands, to name a few:

Blessings of Nature
Liquid Blue
New England Candle Company
Point of Light
Windstone Candleholders

Blessings of Nature

Aromatherapy soy candles blended with pure essential oils. Soy candles do not contain fragrances (synthetic and chemically altered materials utilized to develop a specific scent). Blessings of Nature utilizes an all natural soybean base wax enhanced with botanical oils. Unlike paraffin wax candles, soy wax candles do not produce harmful carcinogens, are water soluble and biodegradable, and burn substantially longer.  Large selection available.


Gemstone Candles features include:

  • Pleasantly scented with a garden floral fragrance

  • Burns clean - no soot, smoke or harmful vapors

  • Burns longer than traditional candles: Gemstone - 30 hours, Jewel - 24 hours

  • 100% cotton wick is environmentally friendly

  • Flame burns down the center, sustaining its light-reflecting properties

  • Beautifully packaged in transparent display containers

  • Makes a great gift for any occasion!


Fill your home with soft light and pleasant healing
aromas. Create special occasions out of everyday
situations, Beautify your personal space and create
new memories with Gonesh carved and classic candles.


Olde New England Candle Company

Olde New England Candle Company has over 80 different fragrances in 7 jar sizes plus pillars, votives, and wax melts. Their candle wicks have always been lead free (they have either cotton or zinc cores).

Candles available in votive, jars and pillars.  Stop in our store to see the beautiful designs and smell the wonderful scents.


Point of Light

Point of Light tea candles are made from the purest palm oil.
Soot free, extended burn time. Lasting 13 hours.  Find scents including: Zen, Lilac, Bayberry, Moon Flower, Dewberry, White Lily, Honey Dew, Cool Cucumber, Daffodil, Banana Bread, Apple Blossom, Sweet Pear, Spiced Pumpkin, Patchouli and more.


Spring Hill


Spring Hill Candle manufactures top quality hand-poured scented candles constantly researching and offering new scents and designs.  Currently offering over 100 scents, Spring Hill Candles will light up your home and fill it with wonderful aromas.  Stop in to see our large selection.


Windstone Candle Holders

Daystar Boutique offers the entire Windstone Collection including their line of decorative candle holders and lamps.  See the fine artwork of Pena featured in candle lamps portraying the Griffin, Vampire Bat, Dragons, Wizard, Spirit Wolf, Owls, Hippogriff, Fletcher (rabbit) Dexter (rabbit), Wolf Council, Sitting Cat, Crouching Cat, Wizard Cat, Grimalkin, Trio of Cats, Good Cat, Bad Cat, Circle of Cats, Ark Animals, Mushroom Ring, Bear Back and Bear Feet.

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